Creative Design for Teaching Speaking (Beginner Level)

There are many ways to create an attractive atmosphere in teaching and learning of process of speaking. We can try to use the model below:

Change Word Subtitution

Teacher : I have a book. a pen
Student : I have a pen
Teacher : Bag
Student : I have a bag
Teacher : want
Student : I want a bag
We should be creative to create the subtitution words for attract students’ attention and curiousity. The simple statement for the first could give for students and then grade in to complete one.
Points the sentence
Example: I hate eat ice cream
Like to Play foot ball
Love Go to the cinema
Point one of statement and the student try to say it in a good sentence. For the note, increase the speed points in each parts. Modification is needed.

Give the number for students

I hate to Ice cream. Play foot ball, 3
Students had number 3 must be respond it. I hate to play foot ball
Then continue with other word, and change it for every students , might be better.
Writes a dialogue and Rubs out some of the words
For the first, give the students many sentences and ask them read completely. At the mid of sentences the teacher can rubs out some of word such as a, the, in, of, it, or etc. Next , the students try to guess it by memorize it, till they familiar about the sentence completely.
Try example below:
My mother cook Nasi Goreng (fried rice) every Sunday morning, but some times we can taste other menus like fried noodle and so on.
The teacher can rubs out the words of cook, but or like and then students complete it.



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