How to Grade Students’ Vocabulary

There are some offering kind of games by many people who concerned in English teaching and learning process to improve vocabulary of students

The First and the Last Word Game

Ask student to say one of English word like noun, or adjective. Then, invite someone in the class to say something but beginning by the last letter of his or her friend said. For example: If student A said UMBRELLA, student B should say word, start with A. For the next students you can determine what the letter must them said, B, C till end of alphabet Z.

Pantomime Game

Write a word or sentence in English on the piece of paper. Next, invite one of student come in front of class, and then ask him or her display of word or sentence in pantomime or gesture. Other student try to guess what their friend means, the faster one is a winner
This game can use with special theme or topic, and we can brainstorm the game to teach grammar, may ask student answer the gesture by using determined topic


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