The Common Expressions in English

1.Twenty four seven. For instance “you can come to my home twenty four seve” it’s mean all the time.
2.Get the ball rolling. To invite our friend to do something, we can use get the ball rolling, it’s mean let’s start now.
3.Take it easy, means please be relax.
4.I’m broke. We could explain about our pocket by expressing it “I’m broke” mean I have no money.
5.The meeting start at 7 o’clock sharp. The word of sharp is the important point. It’s mean the meeting exactly at seven o’clock and be on time.
6.Like the back of my hand. If you ever listen “the city like the back of my hand” it’s mean the city familiar with him or her. So, like the back of my hand to express very popular or familiar with us or in bahasa Indonesia tidak asing lagi.
7.Give me a hand. If some one ask you “give me a hand” it’s define he or she need your help.
8.In ages. I haven’t seen my teacher in ages. In ages is the same with for a long time
9.Sick and tired. I’m sick and tired to do home work. Sick and tired mean dislike or hate


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